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2013 Senior PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Winner Rocco Mediate is New Ambassador of Anataflex

Multiple PGA Tour Winner Brian Gay also signs endorsement deal with world's number one joint pain relief supplement

MARTINEZ, Ga., Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Premium Nutraceuticals is proud to announce the completion of an endorsement agreement with 2013 Senior PGA Tour Rookie of  the year Rocco Mediate and Multiple PGA Tour Winner Brian Gay. Anataflex, The World's #1 Joint Pain Relief Supplement, became available for purchase in the USA on November 1st, 2013. "I have a history of back pain since before my first surgery in 1994," said Rocco Mediate, the 2013 Senior PGA Tour Rookie of the Year, "so for more than 30 years I've been looking for help when problems have popped up. I can tell you that Anataflex really helps bring relief."


The ingredients in the Anataflex formula are nearly twice the dosage amount as other joint pain relief supplements available worldwide and contain no "shell fish" as with other joint pain relief products on the market. With Collagen II as the featured ingredient, men can expect a significant decrease in the inflammation that is so often associated with joint pain relief and Arthritis. Collagen II has been studied in clinical trials with results showing a decrease in inflammation. Millions of men and women, in the United States alone, suffer from some form of joint pain relief or arthritis. By taking Anataflex as a daily supplement, men can decrease the inflammation and joint pain that is often associated with arthritis. Finally, there is an over-the-counter solution without the side effects and high cost of Rx pills. You may learn more about Anataflex by visiting

Brian Gay, PGA Tour Winner, said, "It is a pleasure to be partnered with a company that offers a premium solution for Joint Pain Relief. As a champion on the PGA tour, I choose to only align myself with leaders in the market place. I have joined the Anataflex team to help educate and inform men that Anataflex can be a safe and effective solution for their joint pain. The formulators of Anataflex are "true champions" and the supplements that they provide are the best in world–bar none!"

Michael Osbon, President of Premium Nutraceuticals, stated, "We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Rocco and Brian in bringing awareness to an all natural solution to Joint Pain Relief. This marketing initiative not only helps bring awareness to this issue, it allows us to offer an over-the-counter solution without the high cost and side effects of Rx pills currently on the market. By taking Anataflex as a daily supplement, these men and women can significantly improve the quality of life.

Mary Mraz, Chief Operating Officer, stated, "Being partnered with a professional athletes of the caliber of Rocco Mediate and Brian Gay, we are ensured that the Anataflex brand will continue to develop worldwide. In addition, this partnership will help ensure our customers that they are receiving the premier Joint Pain Relief solution and can expect life changing results."

In 2014, Rocco and Brian will wear the Anataflex logo on their clothing apparel at PGA Tour and Senior PGA Tour events worldwide and their image and likeness will be displayed on all Anataflex marketing material and point of purchase displays. For more information on Anataflex and distribution opportunities, you may visit our website at or Email us.

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Michael Osbon