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5K Training Just a Click Away: Running Guru Partners with Fitango to Provide 'the Future of Coaching' via Training Actionplans and Video-Consultation Services

NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Top running coach Joe McConkey, who has spent his career training some of America's most acclaimed and successful junior athletes, has teamed up with Fitango, a collaborative e-health adherence platform, to provide a running Actionplan that is being called the future of coaching. The Actionplan, "5K for beginners," provides specific and detailed guidance from McConkey on how to train for a 5K race. In addition, those who download the Actionplan will receive personal coaching sessions, with McConkey himself, conducted via fully web-based video calls.


Fitango, a New York-based start-up, is offering McConkey's comprehensive coaching package as one of its Actionplans. Actionplans are expert-crafted, step-by-step guides to meeting or maintaining a health goal. When using Actionplans, users follow the Actionplan's guides and report their progress. They can call upon their social networks to motivate and support them during their endeavor. The site hosts a tremendous variety of Actionplans, and offers everything from a stress reduction program to a how-to guide for the popular Paleo diet. Dr. Dov Biran, founder and CEO of Fitango, sees this revolutionary e-coaching service as a natural outgrowth of the site's technology.

"Fitango is committed to using social networking tools to improve its users' lives," says Dr. Biran. "We're always looking for new ways to unite technological innovation with expert health guidance. With this Actionplan, anyone can train intensively with one of America's top coaches. We believe we're providing Americans a look at the future of coaching and changing the way experts conduct business today."

The Actionplan's focus on running a 5K fits easily with Fitango's overarching mission of transforming American health through providing motivation and accountability. Fitango expert and cardiologist Dr. Charles Goldenberg, MD is enthusiastic about the health benefits of running a 5K.

"There are some great cardiovascular health benefits that arise from training for a 5K," says Dr. Goldenberg. "Although you should always consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise program, running can help lower your blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce insulin resistance in those with pre-diabetes or diabetes. Training for a 5K can protect your heart by making you more resilient and helping you better manage stress."  

Coach McConkey, the Head Coach of the Boston Running Center views this Actionplan as the natural culmination of a distinguished career, and is excited by the way Fitango's technology works to make his services more widely available.

"I am very excited to offer this 5k plan through Fitango," says McConkey. "With Fitango's unique technology, and its video calling capability in particular, a coach is now able to easily communicate certain nuances of training that are otherwise not possible in what is currently offered online.  We here at Boston Running Center are proud to be part of such a progressive step in remote coaching." 

In order to promote this breakthrough technology and celebrate the first week of the Actionplan plus the personal training package, which is normally a $195 value, Fitango will be offering the full special package for the price of only $19.95 throughout February.

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