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New Accelerated Funding Program Now Available From Benchmark Merchant Solutions

Credit card processing company Benchmark Merchant Solutions now offers an Accelerated Funding Program to all qualified merchants

NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Benchmark Merchant Solutions, a credit card processing company, is highlighting its new Accelerated Funding Program. This service is now available to all qualified merchants, and more information can be found at the firm's website, available at When using this program, merchants are entitled to receive requested funds the next business day without any hassle.

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"Our new Accelerated Funding Program makes accepting funds a hassle-free, efficient experience. This service is ideal for merchants who need a speedy, effective way to accept money. The safe, secure program ensures next business day delivery of all funds. Both new customers and those who have enjoyed our services in the past will see vast improvements in deposit response time immediately," said Benny Silberstein, COO of

Typically merchants have to wait at least 2-5 business days in order to receive funds. This delay can become a major inconvenience when businesses require money immediately. With the new Accelerated Funding Program from Benchmark Merchant Solutions, however, funds become available as early as the next business day if the transactions are batched out before 6 PM the prior evening. This service is conveniently available for deposits on most major card types including MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and PIN Debit.

The credit card processing company helps guide businesses through each step of their inception, offering assistance with legal processes, establishing important and lasting connections with banks, and any final office setup. It offers a variety of other services in addition to its Accelerated Funding Program, which are designed to support specific aspects of launching a small business. Ideal for entrepreneurs and startups, these services offer solutions for marketing and branding problems, promotional products, web design and hosting, banking, office supplies, accounting, insurance, payroll and human resources, and insurance.

The company works closely with businesses to reprogram and install several different kinds of credit card systems. It also trains new employees, examines processing statements for savings, troubleshoots technical difficulties, and fights fraudulent charges. To ensure the best results with the least amount of confusion, these credit cards merchant services are handled by only one representative per account. Customers don't have to worry about organizing sales and service of their accounts themselves by juggling multiple phone calls and representatives. Benchmark Merchant Solutions takes care of the hard work so businesses can reap the benefits without the stress.

"At Benchmark Merchant Solutions, we're all about making life easier for our customers. This is why we offer numerous services that help merchants get started, with only one representative assigned to each client for optimal organization, security, and peace of mind. Now with our Accelerated Funding Program, we're working to make sure funding becomes quickly available," said Silberstein.

To learn more about the company's new Accelerated Funding Program, visit or call 1-877-382-6262. Potential customers can also find Benchmark Merchant Solutions on various social media sites, including Facebook at and Twitter at The merchant credit card processing company also regularly updates its blog at .

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