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Accuracy and Consistency of Experts with The Best Bet on Sports Handicapping Site Allows for $10,000 Guarantee on 2013 College Football Picks

LAS VEGAS, June 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Best Bet on Sports, America's leading website baseball picks, is proud to announce the $10,000 guarantee with their company's college football picks, that if you can't profit $10,000 using an average minimum of bet value from their football handicappers college football picks they will refund the cost of your membership.

"In 2012 our college football picks profited $35,000 using 5 football handicappers. Since 2008 there has been only 9 losing weeks during the college football regular season," explains Managing Partner Mike Byrd. "With 80 weeks of college football picks, to only lose 9 is an accomplished feat. That is why we are comfortable putting a $10,000 guarantee with our 2013 college football picks. College football is our company's biggest moneymaker for our members, and we prove it year in and year out, and this year will be no different."

The Best Bet on Sports ( believes in quality on top of quantity with college football picks. Vegas odds makers do get a few games right on point; however, with their football handicappers, they know each conference's football teams, making college football picks always a winning proposition.

Football handicapper's statistics in college football

The accuracy and consistency of the experts at The Best Bet on Sports are remarkable. The top football handicapper on the Site is Julius F, known as Sweetness. In 2012 Sweetness recorded a record of 147-80, hitting 65% winners with his college football picks with over 200 selections.

The Best Bet on Sports offers a one-year guarantee to new members on top of their $10,000 college football picks money-back guarantee. If a new member relies on the expert picks and fails to win $25,000 in their first year (based on a minimum bet volume), the subscription cost will be fully refunded.

The Best Bet on Sports is a subscription service. Members pay a monthly fee to access all the latest sports handicapping picks. College football picks begin in August of 2013. You can sign up for a baseball membership that can help profit $10,000 before kickoff of the 2013 college football season.

The managers of The Best Bet on Sports caution potential customers that gambling should be approached as a hobby, not a source of income. Similarly, the managers recommend that prospective members investigate the legality of sports betting in their respective locations.

About The Best Bet on Sports

The mission of The Best Bet on Sports is to make money for its paying members. The site has a track record of 8 years with no losing seasons in any sport. The site picks sports handicapping winners from the three major sports (football, baseball and basketball) at the college and pro level.


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