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The Acne Practice Pioneers a New Genre Of Medicine

Acne Practice creator Dr. Schwartz develops home version of advanced treatments after 100% in-office success rate 

MALIBU, Calif., July 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Neal Schwartz has innovated a virtual, interactive medical practice that is revolutionizing acne treatment, and the healthcare system in general, for non-emergent conditions. "The Acne Practice" is a day-to-day monitoring program that utilizes continuous, active interaction that Dr. Schwartz refers to as "feedback medicine". The combination of using original topical formulas with this groundbreaking interactive methodology has produced positive acne treatments for those suffering with adult acne, teen acne, and hormonal acne – just to name a few – and has provided an ever-expanding platform for acne analytics. The Acne Practice provides necessary strength and minimal irritation; cementing Dr. Schwartz's personal motto that "hopelessness is unacceptable".

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Following a 100% success rate by in-office patients, Dr. Schwartz spent 2 years developing a home version of his practices to replicate these positive results in the hopes of casting a wider net on those suffering from both mild acne and severe acne. This home version of The Acne Practice includes an extensive consultation manual, as well as unlimited online access to resolve questions or concerns in a timely manner; "replacing anxiety with detailed actions". In a sense, Dr. Schwartz has created a sustainable resource for acne treatment at a reasonable rate, while holding strong to the 24-hour notification policy of any acne irritation that his practices were founded upon.

By utilizing new technology and striving to achieve completely automated virtual medicine, The Acne Practice has innovated not only the fields of acne and rosacea, but also delivers healthcare in an entirely new scalable model for online patients. It's not a hope-and-wait acne remedy that costs a fortune; it is a practice dependent on continuous interaction that resolves all possible concerns – regarding everything from genetic acne to hormonal acne – as they arrive. Dr. Neal Schwartz has effectively created a completely new genre of medicine.

With The Acne Practice, acne treatment has never been more involved, more state of the art, or more effective. With over 15 million hits on YouTube demonstrating the success of this methodology, it's clear that there is no longer a need to see a doctor for acne or rosacea. It is Dr. Schwartz's hope that this is the beginning of an entirely new healthcare system for chronic ailments.

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