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In the New Age of 'Conscious Consumption' Travelers Seek Vacations With Real Meaning

CHICAGO, Sept. 1, 2009 — The lingering recession has led to a reevaluation of consumer priorities – a movement dubbed "conscious consumption." This social shift in consumer behavior blends newfound frugality with sustainability, and it has seeped into every industry – from automotive to travel. When people part with their money these days, they expect to purchase more than a car or vacation. They demand valuable investments and meaningful getaways – a trend that many experts believe is here to stay.

According to a July Gallup poll, consumers expect that curtailed spending will become their "new normal pattern for years ahead." As David Kenny, managing partner of Publicis Groupe's VivaKi, says about the national quest for value, "People will emerge from the current recession forever changed. The global recession has changed them. Environmental realities have changed them. New global leadership has changed them."

Conscious consumption and the changes in consumer attitudes have made a distinct impact on the travel industry. Gone are the days when vacation resorts could find success simply by touting a "sun and fun" message that focused on pure luxury. Travelers in this new conservative climate crave meaning and connection. And as people spend more hours at work, they want to pack their vacations with experiences and memories that last long after they've returned to their desks.

In response to this, travel offerings now strive to include meaningful experiences and promote togetherness among travelers. High-priced destinations have seen a huge fall off, but vacations in destinations that encourage connection to your travel partners, nature, history or culture are the new vogue.

Amble Resorts, an ecologically and culturally sensitive real estate development company, is preparing to break ground on The Resort at Isla Palenque – an island resort that will cater specifically to the newest generation of travelers searching for meaning. This eco resort will be tucked into Panama's Gulf of Chiriqui, where meaningful adventure vacation opportunities, such as sportfishing, snorkeling, hiking and jungle canopy-walks, are plentiful.

"This destination will offer numerous on-site activities so adventure will be seconds, not hours away," says Amble Resorts President, Ben Loomis. "Purpose-driven vacationers will have innumerable chances to create meaning and vitality by learning and experiencing things indigenous to the island and its surroundings: history, traditions, art, and wildlife."

"We know that travelers have their sights set on value, not just bargains," continues Loomis. "Without skimping on luxury, Isla Palenque creates an authentic, environmentally responsible atmosphere for guests to connect with nature – and each other. The fusion of comfort, sustainability, and memorable experiences strikes a chord with today's travelers."


About Isla Palenque

Amble Resorts' new Panama real estate project, The Resort at Isla Palenque, will be a secluded and sustainable resort community with a unique boutique hotel, ingeniously designed residences, and sumptuous amenities. For more information about Amble Resorts or their new island resort, Isla Palenque, visit

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