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Agents Grow Business and Connections Using First-Ever Real Estate Advertising Service Built on Top of Facebook

N-Play launches social ad platform READ ADvantage™ giving agents marketing tools to promote their real estate services and achieve lead generation opportunities on Facebook

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — N-Play, a company that has created a popular real estate agent platform on Facebook, has launched the first available agent lead generation and advertising service built entirely on Facebook. READ ADvantage™ is the only self-serve real estate ad platform that leverages the viral impact of social media.



The READ ADvantage service is part of N-Play's suite of social media marketing apps for real estate professionals. The company's flagship Facebook app, the Real Estate Agent Directory, helps agents build their brand and socially enhance their business. Over 192,000 agents nationwide have joined the Directory since October 2011.

N-Play's innovative advertising service provides agents with marketing tools to promote their business on Facebook while simultaneously capturing leads in their market. Agents can easily create and launch a variety of ads targeted to home buyers and sellers in their market. Ads include agent, listing and promotional, all of which drive traffic to the agents' business pages.

READ ADvantage competes against agent advertising services including Trulia® Pro and Zillow® Premier Agent. N-Play's competitors provide large, centralized web-based portals that distance the agent from the consumer. READ ADvantage's platform is seamlessly integrated into Facebook, providing agents with an experience that is more personal and socially connected than that of the large real estate portals.

Unlike Trulia Pro and Zillow Premier Agent, READ ADvantage leverages the world's largest social media platform to extend agents' networks. More than 50 percent of an agent's business comes from their personal network, most of whom are active on Facebook. READ ADvantage grows agent connections via its integration with Facebook's socially enabled environment. Agents can share their ads on their personal profile and business page to increase their campaign reach. Consumers can like, share, and pin agent profiles and listings.

Property Pins™, N-Play's new consumer app for finding homes and agents on Facebook, captures lead information from users engaging with READ ADvantage ads. When a consumer clicks on an ad, a real-time lead notification is delivered to the agent, enabling them to see who viewed their page and message them directly via Facebook.

READ ADvantage may offer better return on investment than its competitors. Zillow's and Trulia's ad services can cost three times as much and do not provide agents with an automated lead capture system or consumer information. Agents using these web-based advertising vendors rely on zip code availability and consumer-initiated contact. READ ADvantage does not require agents to purchase zip codes in order to target their ads to likely buyers and sellers, and N-Play's ad service puts agents directly in touch with leads.

"For consumers, there is a higher trust and willingness to connect and engage with agents through social media over traditional websites or real estate portals. Consumers want to know as much as they can before trusting an agent. Agents are learning the importance of establishing these relationships through social media and have started driving consumers to their business page by advertising their services on Facebook," said Raina Van Cleave, Director of Marketing at N-Play. "READ ADvantage simplifies ad creation and audience targeting for agents while giving them a customizable, inexpensive and effective real estate advertising solution on Facebook."

The Real Estate Agent Directory, N-Play's core product, has become one of the most used real estate application on Facebook supporting agents and brokers in over 14,000 cities throughout the United States. The Directory is hosted on thousands of pages on Facebook including over 800 broker pages and 375 REALTOR® association pages representing more than 800,000 REALTORS.

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Raina Van Cleave
Director of Marketing