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AirSign Offers Unique Advertising Opportunity at 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August

Attention-Grabbing Customized Aerial Advertising Capable of Reaching Thousands of Potential Customers

STURGIS, S.D., July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The 73rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally due to be held in August this year is expected to attract crowds in excess of 450,000 over the course of the eight-day event. This is one of the oldest and possibly the largest annual motorcycle rallies in the world. It brings together people from across America and from overseas. With advertisers fighting for space at the event, AirSign offers a unique and effective opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers and rise above the competition.

Any successful advertising campaign must engage as many people as possible to ensure a quality return on investment. The publicity achieved with aerial advertising is extremely powerful because it reaches the masses and instantly draws attention to the brand, product or service being offered.

AirSign Aerial Advertising has been providing customized aerial advertising since 1996. With almost 20 years in the business, AirSign's skills and expertise ensure that customers receive maximum exposure throughout their advertising campaign. Rather than a simple "fly-by," clients hiring AirSign can anticipate a well executed marketing strategy to accurately deliver campaign goals and objectives at the most opportune time.

AirSign Aerial Advertising has an impressive client list including Google, Holiday Inn, Virgin Atlantic, Nutrisystem, BlackBerry, Ford, Virgin Atlantic and Hollywood Video, amongst others. Spectacular annual events such as NASCAR and the Super Bowl also utilize AirSign's professional services. In addition to looking after the interests of commercial clients, AirSign also delivers personal messages to make lasting memories.

When engaging AirSign for advertising, clients have the option of utilizing helicopter and airplane banners, skywriting messages and advertising blimps. AirSign can advise on the best advertising method to suit clients' budget and campaign goals. Many clients are surprised to learn how affordable aerial advertising is with AirSign compared with conventional advertising. With aircraft conveniently stationed near South Dakota, advertising in the air over the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is practical, convenient, affordable, and most importantly, proven highly effective.

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