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All Hell Is Breaking Out in the Book Business!!!

Science Fiction Publisher Is Giving It Away!

NEW YORK, NY, April 29, 2003 — BAEN BOOKS, the number one publisher of military science fiction, once again gives away the store to please the readers. David Weber's New York Times best seller War of Honor was the first science fiction book in the history of book publishing to contain a free CD containing over ten million words of currently available commercial material, but the hardcover release of Hell's Faire, by New York Times Best Selling author John Ringo, will contain a free CD ROM in the first edition that will rival any other multi-media package. As with Weber, the Hell's Faire CD will also contain every word of the author's backlist. Even more diverse content will be included: screen savers, a complete role playing game, a number of mp3 audio sample chapters, and an abridged version of the War of Honor CD ROM. Also included is the unabridged audio book of Hell's Faire. Vocalist Corinda Carford, who also appears on the Grammy Award winning album, The Rising by Bruce Springsteen, reads the audio book. The disk is rich in creativity and provides a range of entertainment.

Contrary to popular opinion, but with over 20 years of publishing experience to back him up, Jim Baen has always believed he can lure new readers by giving away his backlist — and now, with this innovative approach, he can give away everything! "The more you give, the more you get back" is one of Baen's main claims, and he must be right; the company's sales have soared over the past few years, as he offers more and more free samples, including complete novels, on — and his readership continues to grow.

The CD ROM is also unique in that it offers its twenty novels in several book reader formats, and can be read with any device that can run any version of Windows. (It can also be read on the Mac.) This allows anyone with a Windows computer (or other reading device) to enjoy this ten-million-word journey into BAEN. The CD ROM is a portal to the rich world of BAEN BOOKS, where Jim Baen provides a fortune of innovation, escapism and pure entertainment.

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