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Amble Resorts Sends Filmmakers to Panama to Showcase the Country's Undiscovered Adventures

Given the prized opportunity, Island Interns pledge to amaze travelers with the experiences to be had in Panama

CHICAGO, June 16, 2011 — Amble Resorts, the eco-development company that made a splash on the travel scene this spring with their Island Intern Contest, sends the two contest winners, Luke Hansen and Benjamin Brown, to Panama today. Cameras in hand, the cinematographer and journalist will spend the next six weeks exploring Panama's lesser-known natural, cultural and adventure pursuits, and documenting their experiences on Amble's blog, as well as on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Next fall, Amble Resorts will release the interns' documentary series, allowing curious travelers a behind-the-scenes look at the cultural pursuits, natural wonders, and adrenaline-pumping adventures the interns discover along the road less traveled in Panama.

Amble Resorts is developing The Resort at Isla Palenque in Panama, a cutting-edge luxury eco-resort and vacation home community on the Pacific island that will serve as base-camp for the interns' adventures. The goal is for Hansen and Brown to not only cover Panama's well-known wonders, but create awareness of the up-and-coming Chiriqui Province as an incomparable travel destination. Amble President Benjamin Loomis believes it is time to give this nature- and adventure-filled haven the attention it deserves. "It's great that the area has been getting a lot of attention from retirees, investors and backpackers, but we hope that the Island Interns can help the rest of the world realize more about this incredibly diverse destination."

Aiming to fill the void between mainstream destination guides and personal travel blogs, Hansen and Brown will strive to produce content that rivals the authentic coverage provided by industry leaders like the Travel Channel and National Geographic. "We know there are so many incredible experiences in Chiriqui just waiting to be had, but the best part is that there isn't a lot of information on the area yet, so we won't know what our documentary will be about until we're done. That's what makes it exciting," says Brown of the footage to come. For those interested in following their journey firsthand, the Island Interns will be checking in daily from Isla Palenque with video clips, photographs and blog posts from June 16 through July 27, 2011. Their final travel documentary series will be released through the same mediums in the fall of 2011.

In Panama City they will go behind the scenes of the city's most famous attractions before heading through the rolling green mountains and valleys of the Chiriqui Province on their way to Isla Palenque and the Gulf islands. Chiriqui is home to Panama's largest indigenous tribe — the Ngobe Bugle, Panama's tallest point — Volcan Baru, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of 39 protected islands — Coiba National Park. Yet there is very little in-depth information available for travelers interested in learning more about the area, a situation the Island Interns plan to remedy. As they gather Panama's never-before-told stories, they hope to present them in a way that not only entices people to visit, but prompts them to want to preserve the area as well.

The Island Intern documentary series is an exciting step for Amble Resorts, and an example of how their forward-thinking vision could influence the travel community. Chosen by Amble as much for its obscurity as its spectacular natural qualities, Isla Palenque is sure to become one of Panama's most treasured destinations. The 5-bedroom Villa Inn, to open later this year, will be the first representation of The Resort at Isla Palenque. For those interested in visiting Isla Palenque in its undeveloped state, Amble hosts regular site expeditions to the island. To learn more about life on the Isla Palenque, follow the Island Interns this summer on Amble Resorts' blog and look for their documentary series next fall.

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