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Nearly Half of Americans Caring for Aging Parents Living Alone

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Adult children worry about Mom or Dad living alone. This is a big added stressor especially for those taking care of parents and children at the same time. Most seniors want to live in their own home as long as possible – and outside senior care is very expensive.

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Enter SafeinHome, a real time smartphone enabled service that uses small sensors in the senior's home to send information about their activity securely to family members' mobile device or computer. Adult children can easily check on their Mom or Dad any time which saves time and reduces stress.

"Ten million seniors age 75 and over live alone at home," explained Denise Yarmlak, director of marketing for the SafeinHome company based in Walnut Creek, California. Nearly 40% of adults face daily concerns about the wellbeing of their aging parents and cannot always be there to check on them in person.

SafeinHome can be used by multiple family members and keep them in the loop with real time alerts for common daily routines such as was the door left open? Did Mom return home and settle in for the night? Is she up and about as usual?

Family members and professional caregivers are benefiting from this new technology. At $99 a month, it is an affordable supplement to paid care which runs in the thousands of dollars per month.

When the SafeinHome system became available, senior care agency owners responded positively. Director Geneva Knoles who manages two senior care Visiting Angels offices in Valencia and San Luis Obispo stated, "We recognized the need for senior home care beyond companionship, meal delivery and attending to basic needs. Our mission very clearly aligned with the SafeinHome goals to provide peace of mind and independence for seniors."

I have always been interested in technology and the SafeinHome solution shows promise in their product. Big changes are headed our way January 1st and 24 hour in-home care may no longer be affordable for some families. SafeinHome provides an information safety net with their caregivers and families. We were completely impressed by their product which offers more functions than anything we have seen."

After many years working as a nursing home administrator and a career nurse my whole career, I found the greatest satisfaction was providing comfort and independence by letting seniors stay in their own home.

While the statistics reveal that 53% of most seniors who move into a nursing home unfortunately pass within 6 months, the goal of Visiting Angels has always been to keep a senior in their own home and preserve their comfort and independence as long as possible. SafeinHome allows us to complement our mission."

Barbora Soltys' Comfort Assisting, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area took notice immediately and signed up recognizing the value this real-time information and alerts could provide to family members who wanted to stay connected to their senior every day.

A relieved caregiver calls their family's SafeinHome system "life changing and a life saver; a cost-effective alternative that keeps home care costs low. It's an extra measure of security; a proven technology designed to keep seniors safe and families worry free."

"We are rolling out SafeinHome in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, and other parts of California. During the holiday season, many people visit their aging parents and recognize the need for more help.

SafeinHome is an easy and affordable way for adult children to check on aging parents when they can't be there in person," explained Denise Yarmlak, and it gives you peace of mind knowing Mom is OK.


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