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Amour Prive Boutique Winery Masters Exclusive Bordeaux-Style Napa Vintage Wines

NAPA VALLEY, Calif., June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Nestled in the Sierra Foothills near Napa Valley, "cult" boutique winery Amour Prive has been producing a few hundred cases of handcrafted, ultra premium Bordeaux-style Napa wines. Now with three unique blends and local acclaim, Amour Prive hopes to inspire more adulation of the individuals who put glass to nose and lips.

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Amour Prive's now 52 year-old owner and winemaker Matt Wozniak has always loved a professional challenge. His previous titles include CEO, fixed wing and helicopter pilot, aircraft mechanic, private investigator, and Mt. Everest expedition team member. In 2007, Wozniak enrolled in UC Davis' world-class Winemaker's Certification program. Matt's continued pursuit for nirvana was in full swing as he set to create a suite of old-world red wines.

As his wine knowledge expanded, so did the improbability of growing world-class fruit in the Sierra Foothills due to climatic and soil constraints. The Solution: lease vineyards in Napa Valley.

Wozniak says, "It is Napa's world-class quality and reputation rather than its size that has earned its top position. As with France and its Grand Cru regions, Napa has distinct microclimates within its boundaries, 23 to be precise.  The variation in each of these microclimates produces profound and unique variations in each grape – this is where the magic lives and where we find the story of Amour Prive."

At the back of his 3+ acre residence in the Sierra Foothills, a structure suitable to accommodate the wine birthing process was erected. Building many of the facilities' components himself, the winery includes a barrel storage cave, gravity fed sorting and destemming apparatuses, extended maceration and settling tanks, corking and bottle filling stations, and some human refuge areas replete with sitting decks and water features – a winery was born.

At the winery, hand-harvested cold fruit is delivered from Napa overnight. Although costly and arduous, hand harvesting essentially eliminates fruit bruising – an attribute required for the creation of ultra-premium red wine. After the 18-month gestation in French oak cooperage, the wine is ready for delivery.

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Amour Prive's flagship wines are Hommage a la Rive Gauche and Hommage a la Rive Droite, tributes to the left and right bank wine styles of the Gironde estuary in Bordeaux. Rive Gauche: Nobel, stately, firm, this Cabernet Sauvignon dominant blend exudes structure, harmony, authority, and complexity. Rive Droite: Opulence, richness, and beauty are the hallmarks of this luscious, complex Merlot based blend.

The Cuvee Noire designation was created in juxtaposition to Amour Prive's flagship blends. This delicate, approachable blend exudes structure and harmony.

Rave reviews have poured from those attending Amour Prive's exclusive wine tasting events.  Statements such as, "The best wine I've ever tasted", "I love your branding", and "Awesome," are the norm.

Many upcoming events are planned to further introduce Amour Prive to eagerly awaiting oenophiles.

Amour Prive creations can be immediately enjoyed by visiting,, by emailing Andre Trush, by calling 800.800.2703, or by visiting many on-line retailers such as and or Wine Styles in Folsom, CA.