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Anthem Blue Cross of California Never Ever Gives Up Helping Courageous Kids

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif., Jan 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Anthem Blue Cross of California was named 2012 California Donor of the year for its support of courageous kids battling cancer by the Jessie Rees Foundation.

"Over the past year, Jessie and her foundation have helped over 50,000 courageous kids fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up," said Erik Rees, Jessie's daddy and Chief Encouragement Officer.  "Anthem Blue Cross of California helped us care for 20,000 of those kids and their families through a generous $50,000 donation, and the support of their entire organization from top to bottom."

From the opening days of her fight against brain cancer, Jessie knew that children fighting cancer needed to know the world cares.  Her effort soon grew into JoyJars of 15-20 new, age appropriate toys and given her own motto of 'Never Ever Give Up' she completed over 3,000 of them personally.

"Anthem Blue Cross of California is our family insurer.  Their hard work and support allowed Jessie's life work to develop into a foundation and movement that has now impacted the lives of 50,000 kids in her same fight against cancer and the way it can make otherwise outstanding kids lonely, labeled, and limited," continued Erik Rees.  "Their determination to serve helped us make 'Never Ever Give Up' happen."

About Jessie Rees Foundation

Each JoyJar carries 15-20 new, age appropriate, toys within its brightly covered sealed jar for courageous kids with cancer.  Jessie started distributing JoyJars herself in 2011 during her fight against inoperable brain cancer.  She passed away in January 2012 and the foundation she started now serves 202 children's hospitals and every Ronald McDonald House in America.  The foundation has over 1,000 volunteers and partners nationally with UPS, Life Technologies, Anthem Blue Cross of California, youtheory and others to make sure every courageous kid fighting cancer Never Ever Gives Up.

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