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AnyPresence First to Accelerate Mobile Development With Support for iOS Storyboard and Android XML Layout

Latest AnyPresence release complements native development tools from Apple and Google

RESTON, Va., Feb. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — AnyPresence, a leading enterprise mobile development platform, launched its latest release with the industry's first auto-generation of iOS Storyboard and Android XML Layout, further reducing the time to bring mobile apps to market, and allowing developers to leverage official native tools for advanced customization.

AnyPresence now enables users to quickly assemble a mobile app using common user interface patterns and widgets, driven by data from backend services, and generates pure native iOS and Android code from a single app definition. Unlike most mobile app development platforms, the code produced by AnyPresence is human-readable and editable in the development toolkits provided by Apple and Google. Coupled with existing support for HTML5 and a rich set of backend capabilities, AnyPresence provides a powerful accelerant to organizations looking to build enterprise mobile apps.

"Developers can now experience the benefits of a cross-platform mobile development tool without worrying about proprietary components that limit customization," said Rakesh Rao, CTO and Co-founder of AnyPresence, speaking from DeveloperWeek and Apps World North America in San Francisco. "Other development solutions lock you into their platform for the lifespan of your app, and force you to learn proprietary languages or tools. With AnyPresence, you have complete control over the generated source code, and can use familiar, industry-standard native tools to make further customizations. You are never locked in."

Other highlights of the latest AnyPresence release include a scheduler for dynamic data-driven alerts that can be sent via SMS, push notifications, or email, and expanded database connectivity including cloud or on-premise instances of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. AnyPresence offers a free, no-commitment trial, available for instant sign-up at

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AnyPresence is a mobile platform-as-a-service that dramatically reduces the time and cost of mobile-enabling business processes across multiple devices. It is the only solution that offers organizations of any size the ability to assemble and deploy HTML5, native iOS and Android apps without having to install any software. Powered by a robust mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS), AnyPresence also provides pre-assembled mobile app templates, SMS, push-notifications, and other capabilities to further accelerate time-to-market. The platform is easy to use, yet flexible enough to enable source code-level customization or on-premise hosting options, with no platform "lock-in." For more information, please visit

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