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Artist Topher Straus Uses an iPad to Create Vibrant Digital Fingerpaintings Printed on Metal

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Artist Topher Straus presents a series of iPad Fingerpaintings. Each image is captured by his iPad's camera and he then uses an app to fingerpaint with his raw, vibrant style. Images printed on metal frame.

Topher Straus enjoys exploring how to visually tell a story- through his art, filmmaking, and advertising work.

Imagination has always been a focal point for Topher – performing in over 350 television commercials as a teenager. Topher attended Syracuse University and graduated with a degree in Film Art in 1997. It was here Topher gained his understanding of composition and vivid color.

After graduation, Straus spent a decade in Hollywood producing or directing film and advertising projects. To escape, Topher would paint on large canvas using bright colors that often incorporated finger painting. Some of his acrylic work was recently shown in New Zealand.

Straus moved to Salt Lake City in 2011 and it was here he got his idea to use his iPad to create art. "I take a picture of something that captures me (using the camera on my iPad), then I use an app to fingerpaint a fresh, vibrant world. At the bottom of every image I paste an iPad button." The fine art photos are printed onto a 20×24 inch raised metal frame.

Topher "crashes" the monthly Salt Lake City Art Walk using a rented U-Haul truck to create a mobile art gallery. Each month, over 150 people experience the iPad Fingerpainting inside the truck. His iPad fingerpainting and some of his large acrylic paintings will be on display at Cafe on 1st in Salt Lake for the month of February.

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