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Atlas Marketing Partners Welcome Jeremy Langston to the Team

SAN DIEGO, June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Todd DiRoberto, COO and CEO Eric Petersen, founders of Atlas Marketing Partners based in San Diego, CA, introduce the addition of Jeremy Langston as their Operations Manager.

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Jeremy Langston, formerly of 6connect, Inc., NeuStar, Inc., BlueCat Networks, FusionStorm, and current Owner/Operator of DataFrog Tek brings expansive expertise in the field of Information Technology, combined with an extensive background in sales and marketing to Atlas Marketing Partners.

"Jeremy Langston has already established himself as a valuable asset during the past six weeks alone," praises Todd DiRoberto. DiRoberto notes that in working with an affiliate, Langston has more than doubled the existing sales team and converged systems in existence, most notably using the customer relationship management (CRM) software by SalesForce. Langston says he has "stream-lined, cultivated, and fine-tuned the systems already in place and made them more user-friendly for the team" and has high aspirations in regard to Atlas Marketing Partners with plans to grow one of the affiliates of the company into five offices within the next two months. Langston states that with "integration of phones and computer systems, we have the potential to access all we need from anywhere by simply logging on to a computer."

What impressed Eric Petersen the most about Langston was the vast amount of top-named companies for which he provided contract services under the employment of the above-named companies.  Organizations such as:

"I definitely expect to see great things happening with Langston in our midst," claims Petersen.

Atlas Marketing Partners, located at 1660 Hotel Circle North, #616, San Diego, CA  92108, was founded by Todd DiRoberto and Eric Petersen in 2009 and began by developing and managing various TV, Radio, Internet, and Direct Mail marketing campaigns. As time progressed and the company grew, it expanded to begin offering offshore call center solutions for sales and customer relations. Currently, Atlas Marketing Partners has signed a joint venture agreement with DataFrog Tek to integrate all affiliate systems into one central, cloud-based solution. "By integrating all of the affiliate's phone systems with our current CRM, which is based on SalesForce, we expect more than a 20% increase in productivity.  We have already realized a 27% increase internally since the system was launched," states Todd DiRoberto.


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