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Auckland Author's Debut Book to be Featured at London Book Fair

Author shares how to acknowledge opportunities to have a more productive relationship with oneself in his first book

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In the upcoming annual London Book Fair International in London, England, on April 15-17, author Stephen Harrison will share with readers how to Appreciate the Fog: Embrace Change with Power and Purpose.  He'll take readers on a journey into, through, and out of fog.

Change creates chaos, confusion, and uncertainty to some extent for everyone.  By appreciating the effects of change – fog, rather than fighting them, people are able to embrace change with power and purpose.

"…Harrison offers a plan of action for overcoming psychological obstacles to living life fully… The author has drawn on his readings of classical psychiatrists, such as Carl Jung; Daniel Goleman's work; as well as his own life and intimate personal journals, to develop his approaches to clearing the fog." – Kirkus Review

"…people become paralyzed with fear at certain junctures in their lives but that there are ways to cope with this paralysis…" in this "…inspirational self-help book…" that "…has a message of hope from an author writing out of his own hard-won experience." – BlueInk Review

This personal and leadership development book offers some invaluable suggestions that may provide quick payback in life.  When the lifelong process of self-discovery opens, readers can develop a meaningful, authentic, and intimate relationship with one's inner self.

This book is available online and can be purchased at, and

About the Author
Stephen Harrison is passionate about supporting organizations and individuals to embrace change with power and purpose, and become the best they can be.  With a background in information technology and project management, he provides coaching, leadership development, and group process facilitation.  He has provided training and consulting services locally in New Zealand and throughout Australia, Asia, North America, and the Middle East.  In 1994, he founded the Project Management Institute New Zealand (PMINZ) chapter and from 1998 served for six years on the international board of PMI, the first person elected from outside North America.  He rounded out his development and experience with training and experience in coaching, group facilitation, and therapeutic and personal growth modalities which include action methods, co-counseling, and non-violent communication.  His personal interests include photography, massage, travel, and walking.

Appreciate the Fog: Embrace Change with Power and Purpose by Stephen Harrison
Publication Date: October 18, 2012
Price: $29.04; 325 pages; Paperback 9781479723935

To request a complimentary paperback review copy, please contact Raffi Anderson at  (877) 207-1679 or by Email.