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A Billion Entrepreneurs is an inspiring, feature-length documentary film. Follow real-life entrepreneurs as they leave a trail of impact, inspiration, mentorship, and responsibility in their business and personal lives. Adrienne, Brian, Fritzi, Ken (and his two beautiful daughters, Katherine and Isabelle), Pam, Rand, and Rick take us through a fast-paced education on what it’s like to be entrepreneurs in the real world. The purpose is to inspire viewers, while allowing them to understand how accessible and invigorating being an entrepreneur can really be. The goal for the viewer is to be a converted fan to the spirit and contagion of entrepreneurship, regardless of their background. One of the film’s objectives is for the viewer to say after watching the move, “I can do this!” The film’s catalyzing statement is, “an entrepreneur in every home.” All subjects profiled in the movie believe that an important definition of the word, “Entrepreneurship,” is this: Taking responsibility for outcomes. A key aspect of the film is watching the participants bring this new definition of entrepreneurship alive onscreen.

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A Billion Entrepreneurs: A Film with World-changing Implications

Jimmy Newson challenges us to imagine a world with an entrepreneur in every home. DALLAS, Feb. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Filmmaker Jimmy Newson has a message for us all. "I want people to understand how invigorating it is to be an entrepreneur," explains Newson. "I want to plant th…