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We all know that it’s important to oil your grill so your food does not stick to it. But there’s a Problem! There’s no easy, clean, or safe way to oil your grill grates so your food doesn’t stick. Current options available are old school, unsafe and MESSY: Aerosol Can, shake it up, spray – BUT THIS IS DANGEROUS KIDS ... DON’T DO THIS Take a pair of kitchen tongs, take a wad of paper towel, dip in oil… BIG DRIPPY MESS. I knew there had to be a solution. A LIGHTBULB went off in my head. I had an idea. An image of one of those soap dispensing scrubber sponges came to mind. Wouldn’t it be cool to create something like that, but that held oil for your grill? I was onto something... I started a company. Hired some help. Voila!!! Introducing the GrateMate™ Grill Grate Oiler by AdasKo Enterprises, LLC. Our goals for Adasko go far beyond just creating products. We strive to promote Patriotic Spending by having all of our products MADE in here in the USA versus overseas. We will do what we can to recycle American dollars by promoting USA - MADE purchases and create jobs in New Hampshire.

News from AdasKo Enterprises LLC:

Bringing a "Grate" Idea to Reality: Chef Steffani Adaska's GrateMate™ Crowdfunding Campaign Introduces Unique Tool for Safer Grilling

NORTH CONWAY, N.H., March 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On Tuesday, March 25th, AdasKo Enterprises, LLC launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com for its first product, the GrateMate™. AdasKo is a New Hampshire startup that will provide quality kitchen tools and solutions that are made…