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Andra Medea, M.A., is the author of “Safe Within These Walls: De-escalating School Situations Before They Become Crises.” She has designed de-escalation programs for psychiatric staff, child welfare workers, and judges, among others. Her clients include the Children’s Home and Aid Society, the American Bar Association, the Illinois National Guard, and the Illinois Co-Occurring Center for Excellence. She has taught conflict management at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, and is the developer of the Virtual Tranquilizer.

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Newtown School Shooting Anniversary: Crisis Prevention Expert Andra Medea Offers Tips to Prevent School Tragedies in new book, "Safe Within These Walls"

CHICAGO, Dec. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As the anniversary of the school shootings at Newtown approaches, principals, teachers, parents and children can make their schools safer when they follow the practical tips in "Safe Within These Walls: De-escalating School Situations Before Th…