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Boman Desai grew up in Bombay, but has lived his adult life in Chicago. He is best known in the US for two novels: The Memory of Elephants and TRIO. He has published fiction and nonfiction in the US, UK, and India, and won awards from the American Song Festival (“A Beatle Song”) and Illinois Arts Council among others. He has taught at Truman College, Roosevelt University, and is currently on the faculty of the University of Southern Maine.

News from Boman Desai:

Dancing About the Architecture of Lennon-McCartney

Unique Perspective on the Lennon-McCartney Catalog CHICAGO, Sept. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Boman Desai draws the title of his new book, Dancing About Architecture; a Songwriter's Guide to the Lennon-McCartney Catalog (published by AuthorHouse), from a quote sometimes attributed…