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Whether you need a business valuation or appraisal for legal, financial or insurance purposes, or simply as a benchmark to enhance performance, you demand accurate and timely service. We've been offering business valuation solutions and anxiety relief since 1954 with IRS and court-qualified reports of full and partial business interests. Our analysts each average 25 engagements annually. We’ve performed thousands of valuations for litigation and tax matters for all major industries, experience that frees time, saves money, and reduces stress for you and your advisors. What sets us apart is the fact that our resources are solely dedicated to the valuation process; there is no seasonal crunch or learning curve like you’d find with individuals or organizations that spend less than 25% of their time performing this service.

News from Business Valuations Ltd:

Dr. Carl Sheeler, PhD, ASA and Principal of Business Valuations Ltd., Joins Leading Global Expert Services Firm Berkeley Research Group and Inks Wiley Book Deal

Dr. Sheeler named as Director and Equity Partner of BRG, LLC (www.brg-experts.com); announces upcoming book focusing on his business philosophy and targeting entrepreneurs, investors, professional advisors and academics – "It's GRRK to me: Value Creation" outlining Gove…

Advisor Empathy Key to Wealth Creation, Says Business Valuations, Ltd. Chief Valuation Officer Carl Sheeler

Relationships, risk, knowledge and governance key to retaining business owner trust
SAN DIEGO, Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Despite trillions of dollars and billions of hours expended in pursuit of wealth creation, advisors often fail to answer the owners' central question of "…

Chief Valuation Officer Cracks Midmarket Equity Value Creation Code Surpassing $4.5 Billion

Dr. Carl Sheeler explains how business owners discover hidden value and leverage knowledge
SAN DIEGO, July 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Among the top challenges facing business owners is growing profitable companies. The first hurdle is $10 million in revenues.  Being the chef, cook and bottle w…

Entrepreneurial Affluence: More Happiness, More Time Are Not Guaranteed

Privatus Cl3O Services and Business Valuations, Ltd. offer asset management advice to America's wealthiest, recognizing the unique challenges they face
NEW YORK, July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – In the period of post-Bernie Madoff and Wall Street meltdown, trusted attorneys, CPAs, wealt…

With Nearly 60 Years of Experience in the Industry, Business Valuations Ltd. Asserts That a Powerful Succession Plan Begins With Accurately Measuring Risks

As millions of baby boomers plan the sale of their businesses over the coming years, a trillion-dollar opportunity for them and their advisors, those who identify, measure and reduce risks will earn the highest values, while those relying on hope alone stand to lose millions and suffer seller's re…

Valuation Expert Carl Sheeler Laments the Careless Manner of Advisers Who Failed to Properly Prepare Their Wealthy Clients for Inevitable IRS Audits

When tens of thousands of wealthy citizens rushed to transfer funds by Dec. 31, 2012, in expectation of the end of the Bush-era lifetime gift exclusion, to avoid millions in taxes, they were not advised that more than one in three is likely to be audited by the IRS, mainly due to poorly supported entity and…