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ByzMed LLC Company Profile

Greg Dockter has been a register pharmacist since 1994. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin -Madison Pharmacy School in 1994 he starting in Community pharmacy practice. Helping his customers and patients have been a priority. Through the years he developed a great fondness for over the counter medicatons and helping people understand appropriate use of these products. One day when working at his pharmacy a person arrived with a bloody nose. Knowing the medications that the person was taking at the time, a blood thinner, it would take a while to stop the bleeding. Frustration set in with a lack of good choices to assist the patient, where a tissue was the best option at the time. So after diligent research a formula was developed and making sure to not cause problems with health conditions or drug interactions.

News from ByzMed LLC:

ByzMed Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for Fast Acting Nosebleed Relief Product

Over-the-counter topical gel stops nosebleeds in just one minute COTTAGE GROVE, Wis., Oct. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — ByzMed, LLC recently launched an Indiegogo campaign seek funding to help launch DrxNoze® Nosebleed Relief, the world's first over-the-counter topical gel to st…