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Cabot Guns Company Profile

Cabot Guns’ 1911 pistols represent a new standard in the firearms industry. They are the implementation of prideful engineering and precision manufacturing in all that we create – we call it “post custom.” Those two simple words represent a series of promises on the part of Cabot Guns; The guarantee that out-of-the-box, your new pistol will shoot at a level which exceeds those established as National Match pistol accuracy standards. The knowledge that the pistol you now hold is the culmination of years of dedication to the pursuit of perfection, that it is the embodiment of precision, and that it represents an uncompromising commitment to furthering American excellence in design and manufacturing. The promise that your Cabot Guns’ pistol is a truly 100% American product; from the American born solid blocks of billet steel which forms the backbone of all Cabot Guns, to the workers plying their precision trade in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania, right down to the optional Mammoth-Ivory grips harvested from the ancient ice fields of Alaska’s great frontier. Every piece of every component can be traced to American roots. When you take home a Cabot Gun, not only do you lay hands on the “finest pistol ever produced,” (S.P. Fjestad; Author, Editor & Publisher, Blue Book of Gun Values) you also become a part of the Cabot family.

News from Cabot Guns:

Cabot Guns Introduces New "Presidential" Pistol Set Deemed Finest Ever Manufactured by Industry Expert

"Without a doubt, this is the finest set of non-engraved semi-automatic pistols ever manufactured in the United States," says firearms authority S.P. Fjestad. CABOT, Pa., Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Never one to rest on his laurels, Rob Bianchin and Cabot Guns LLC have just re…