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Carol Frey, an orthopedic surgeon who has cared for Olympians and professional and high school athletes, is former chief of foot and ankle surgery at the University of Southern California and now teaches at UCLA. She has appeared as an expert on youth sports injuries for national media. Frey—the “team doctor” and mom to sons who play sports—is a partner in the West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation in Manhattan Beach, Calif. Her coauthor and student athlete son Jacob is a high school senior who wants to be a writer/journalist.

News from Carol Frey:

Orthopedic Surgeon Gives Parents and Coaches a Heads Up about Dangers of Concussion

Do You Know the Riskiest (and Most Surprising) Sports for Concussion in Young Athletes? MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., Nov. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Who gets concussions? It's not always the star quarterback. Girls who play soccer, lacrosse, basketball and volleyball are also at high risk, sa…