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CLOUT is a revolutionary payment company that connects consumers, merchants, and banks to make payments and communications among these groups more efficient, relevant, profitable, and rewarding for all parties involved. CLOUT’s mission is to create a more efficient digital economy where eventually paper money and plastic credit cards are no longer needed; to create a system where both customers and businesses are universally recognized, respected, and rewarded; to create a more efficient advertising and promotion delivery system where ineffective and unwanted ads are eliminated through natural selection -- where businesses never have to pay for ads that don’t work, and customers will never be bothered with unwanted or irrelevant advertising; and CLOUT’s final mission is to give back a large portion of the revenue generated by these systems to the loyal users who enable us to carry out our mission.

News from CLOUT:

CLOUT Named 2013 Mobile Excellence Award Finalist in "Best Mobile Payment" Category

CLOUT's mobile payment solution seeks to streamline the global digital economy, eliminating the need for paper money and plastic credit cards LOS ANGELES, Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — CLOUT, a leading payment company that is revolutionizing the way consumers are rewarded for spending…