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Coffea Technologies Company Profile

Technologies Coffea®has developed automatic bean to cup coffee brewers with new patented Coffea® vacuum brewing system. We are going back in time with modern technology. This is what Coffea®Technology is made up of. What brought us to enjoy coffee in the past century is how it was made and enjoyed. We have sort of deviated with methods that are also good lest not forget, but we bring back its origin and why we and our ancestors enjoyed it.

News from Coffea Technologies:

Coffea®Technologies – Launching a Coffea Vacuum Brewer 2.0

QUEBEC CITY, April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Coffea® vacuum brewing system is winner of NRA-Kitchen Innovation Award 2013. KI™ Awards are produced by the National Restaurant Association to recognize and celebrate cutting-edge equipment that specifically improves the back of the house and…