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Convergent R.N.R Company Profile

Convergent R.N.R (CRnR) is a medical start-up company developing a new x-ray focusing technology called MercyBeam™ to perform cancer Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery. Established in 2010 in Israel by a team of expert scientists, CRnR developed and patented the said break-through technology utilizing a standard imaging X-ray source to form a converging beam into a volume of treatment rather than the standard diverging or collimated technologies existing today.

News from Convergent R.N.R:

Convergent R.N.R Completes Successful Proof-of-Concept Session with Mercy Beam™ Technology, Enabling More Accurate, Less Harmful, and Inexpensive Radiation Therapy

CRnR announces the development of a novel low-energy x-ray radiation treatment TIRAT CARMEL, Israel, April 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Convergent R.N.R Ltd. (CRnR) (www.convergent-rnr.com) announced today they have completed a very successful and promising proof of concept session of the �…