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Coughy Cup Inc. Company Profile

Coughy Cup, Inc. (www.CoughyCup.com) manufactures cough/sneeze cups to help reduce the spread of germs & viruses. It was suggested to the inventor that he should find a way to help children. The idea was born 24 hours later. “I prayed. My exact words were, ‘Okay, God. You heard her. What do you got?’ A half second later I pictured two words: Coughy Cup™. I immediately knew what it would be,” said Delatorre.

News from Coughy Cup Inc.:

Teachers Support Germ-Killing Invention Coughy Cup™ and Cups4Kids™ Fundraiser to Eradicate Missed School Days Resulting from Sickness

The inventor of a germ killing cough cup is turning to the internet to raise funds to begin manufacturing his cups for kids so they can stay healthy and not miss school. SUGAR LAND, Texas, April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — It's called a Coughy Cup™.  John Delatorre, founder of Coughy Cup, Inc…

Former TV Weatherman's Germ Killing Coughing Cup Invention Featured in Wal-Mart Contest

The Coughy Cup™ is the latest weapon in the war against cold and flu season SUGAR LAND, Texas, Aug. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — It may look like a common, everyday paper coffee cup but the inside matters most. The patent pending Coughy Cup™ combines a paper coffee cup, a plastic lid and the materi…