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Crosland Hill Publishing Company Profile

Crosland HILL Publishing was started in 2010 by husband and wife authors, Malcolm and Linda Crosland. The original goal was to publish children's books the couple had written over a number of years, thinking "one day we would like to see them published." When that day arrived, a decision was also made to form a publishing company. The initial titles would be those the couple had written, and with company growth, publication of other authors would be considered. As the company mission began to unfold, the founders were emphatic about publishing with more than reader entertainment in mind. As important as entertainment value is, so also is the message within. With a strong sense of urgency and concern over deteriorating values in America, and indeed in the world community, the founders agreed that all published content would strive to provide a positive and uplifting message to the reader. Crosland HILL titles would not only inspire, entertain and inform, but also lift up and reinforce the core values our country was founded upon. We are often asked about our company name. Crosland Hill refers to the ancestral home of the Crosland family. Crosland Hill and Crosland Moor are located in Yorkshire, UK, where the family came to reside in the 11th century. The Crosland's first made their way to America in 1634, to the Colony of Maryland. As America began to grow and prosper, most of the Crosland family migrated south to the Carolina's, with many subsequently heading west to Texas in the 1800's. It is our great pleasure to serve our readers with excellence in both print and electronic media. Thank you for placing your trust in us as a loyal customer. We give you our solemn pledge to uphold the values of our mission, and to daily walk in integrity in all that we set our hands and minds to accomplish.

News from Crosland Hill Publishing:

Teaching Our Children the Gift of Giving: Crosland Hill Publishing Presents The Night Before Christmas… The Gift

SAN ANTONIO, Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Crosland HILL announces the release of The Night Before Christmas… The Gift. With a desire to teach her family about the greatest gift and the grace of Christmas giving, author and teacher Linda Crosland naturally turned to her ability and love for s…