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Cupsy Company Profile

Cupsy was founded in Fort Collins, Colorado, by Mark and Malu Lueker. By trade, Mark is a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of experience designing complex communications systems used in military operations and Malu is a Human Resources manager. Both Mark and Malu enjoy a nice beverage on the couch or in the hot tub. The idea for Cupsy was born on a wet couch during family movie night. Mark and Malu turned their frustration with too many spilled drinks into a desirable solution. The engineering behind the Cupsy is simple – removable and maneuverable thin legs separate the beverage support body from the surrounding surface. Cupsy is so versatile that it can be used in a variety of situations beyond the couch: while sick in bed, or relaxing on the beach, watching your son play soccer, on a picnic, or even in the hot tub or pool thanks to floating legs.

News from Cupsy:

With March Madness Around the Corner, Cupsy Is Needed More Than Ever

Newly designed beverage organizer lets sports fans enjoy the game without spillage An Indegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise production funding launched today to take the Cupsy concept into lifestyles everywhere. Cupsy is the versatile, at-home beverage and electronics organizer that keeps beve…