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Data Profits Inc Company Profile

Data Profits, Inc. developed iKIS, "Internet's Keeping Inventory Simple," a suite of solutions delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS). Data Profits' iKIS provides the first collaborative-based, industry-wide view of the retail supply chain for the thousands of mid-market wholesalers and retailers with annual sales of $50 million to $15 billion. iKIS solutions provide unified demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, inventory optimization, purchase order management, demand planning, allocation, custom alerts and messaging in a user customizable format. Data Profits' vision enables customers to find profit in their data by tightening the unwieldy supply chain. The cloud-based software sits on top of existing legacy systems, saving retailers considerable time and money with their rapid results of 30 days installation and 90 days ROI. At 1/10th the cost of competing software and no hardware cost, the ROI provides unique opportunities for each customer to "Tighten the Links in their Chain™."

News from Data Profits Inc:

Data Profits' Retail Promotion Software Delivers Promotional Forecasting and Management for Retail, Wholesale and Grocery Industries

iKIS Promotion Management Module Provides Cutting Edge Retail Promotion Forecasting
ATLANTA, July 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Data Profits Inc. announced the release of their iKIS™ Trade Promotion Solution that extends End-to-End Promotion Planning for the Retail, Wholesale, and Grocery In…

Data Profits Launches 'The Supply Chain Letter™', News & Ideas to 'Tighten the Links in Your Chain™' Today

ATLANTA, Oct. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Data Profits Inc  (http://www.data-profits.com), a leading mid-market SaaS Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution, today launched a new industry newsletter for CxO's, managers, consultants and anyone operating in or interested in the supply…

Data Profits Chosen by Gartner Research for Inclusion in 2013 Forecasting and Replenishment Guide for Retailers

Leading mid-market SaaS Supply Chain & Planning solution highlighted by Gartner
ATLANTA, Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Data Profits Inc. has been selected by Gartner Research to be included in their latest research report titled "The Gartner Retail Forecasting and Replenishme…

Data Profits' iKIS Now Provides Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

Speed, Data Granularity, and Groups Combined with Actionable Customization Will Drive Profits in 2013
ATLANTA, Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — In 2013, mid-tier retailers, distributors, and grocers will increasingly need real-time actionable insight their into supply chain to drive behavior…

Data Profits' Proven Demand Forecasting Retail Inventory Solution Now Available for Grocery

Data Profits' iKIS Provides Grocery Industry with Demand Forecasting, Alert and Exception Management and Complete Supply Chain Visibility
ATLANTA, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Grocers now have access to best-in-class demand forecasting, customizable exception management, and VMI…

Data Profits iKIS Lead Time Forecasting Engine Provides Retailers ROI in 90 Days

ATLANTA, July 17, 2012 — Data Profits (www.data-profits.com), developer of the iKIS™ solution, which delivers demand forecasting, inventory management, and collaboration tools to leading wholesalers/distributors, suppliers, and mid-tier retailers, announced today continued succe…

Data Profits Provides Top 100 Consumer Electronics Retailer with 98% Forecast Accuracy

Business Intelligence Tools Deliver Consumer Insight and Demand Forecast at New Levels of Detail and Accuracy
ATLANTA, June 28, 2012 — Data Profits (http://www.data-profits.com), developer of the iKIS™ solution, which delivers demand forecasting, inventory management, and collaborat…