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Dr. Paul Chalifoux, a dentist in Wellesley, Massachusetts, is the inventor of the Inter_X Golf Grip. Frustrated by the difficulty of changing golf grips, Dr. Chalifoux applied several of his dental implant technologies to join crowns to implants to golf grips and clubs. The technology was further developed by a PGA professional / PhD in mechanical engineering. At this point, the Inter-X grips have been prototyped as a pistol, medium and oversize grips to demonstrate their use.

News from Dr. Paul Chalifoux:

Dentist Harnesses Dental Implant Technologies for Creation of Inter_X Golf Grip; New Technology Designed to Assist Golfers in Quickly Interchanging Grips Premieres at the PGA Merchandising Show 2014

WELLESLEY, Mass., Sept. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The new Inter_X Golf Grip with quick-change technology will be introduced at the PGA Merchandising Show 2014. The initial application of this new and exciting technology is being applied to putters. Presently, a golfer buys a putter based on the…