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HOME ARTICLES PORTFOLIOS ALERTS VIDEOS EVENTS REPORTS My Account Our Mission Elliott Gue founded the Capitalist Times with a simple goal: to provide individual investors with unbiased, high-quality research and in-depth analysis of profitable investment opportunities. The move to a 24-hour news cycle has created an environment where sensationalism rules the day, with media outlets jockeying to attract the most eyeballs–and advertising dollars. Against this backdrop, investing in what you know is critical to building wealth in the stock market. Elliott Gue knows energy. Since earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of London, Elliott has dedicated himself to learning the ins and outs of this dynamic sector, scouring trade magazines, attending industry conferences, touring facilities and meeting with management teams. In a world where anyone and everyone can broadcast his or her opinion and volume tends to drown out reason, individual investors have come to prize Elliott’s in-depth knowledge and rational assessment of the companies and the markets he covers. When fear-mongering pundits claimed that the Macondo oil spill marked the end of offshore drilling, Elliott Gue provided a welcome dose of reality, explaining to attendees of the 2010 San Francisco MoneyShow why the death of deepwater exploration and production was greatly exaggerated. Investors who heeded this contrarian call raked in impressive gains on shares of contract drillers and equipment providers. This and other prescient investment calls prompted the official program for the 2008 G-8 Summit in Tokyo to call Elliott Gue “the world’s leading energy strategist.” He has also appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and has been quoted in a number of major publications, including Barron’s, Forbes and the Washington Post. Elliott Gue also contributed chapters on developments in global energy markets to two books published by the FT Press, The Silk Road to Riches: How You Can Profit by Investing in Asia’s Newfound Prosperity and Rise of the State: Profitable Investing and Geopolitics in the 21st Century. For seven years, Elliott Gue shared his expertise and stock-picking abilities with individual investors in two highly regarded, energy-focused research publications: MLP Profits and The Energy Strategist. Elliott Gue also helmed Personal Finance for more than four years. In October 2012, Elliott Gue launched Energy & Income Advisor, a semimonthly online newsletter that’s dedicated to uncovering the most profitable opportunities in the energy sector, from growth stocks to high-yielding utilities, royalty trusts and master limited partnerships. The masthead may have changed, but subscribers can expect Elliott Gue to deliver the same high-quality investment research and analysis.

News from Energy and Income Advisor:

Shale Oil, Gas Revolution Puts US on Cusp of Energy Independence, Say Energy & Income Advisor Editors

Roger Conrad and Elliott Gue discuss how efficiency gains are lowering production costs in America's most prolific shale fields WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Robust drilling activity in prolific shale plays has enabled America to overtake Russia as the world's leadin…

Master Limited Partnerships Offer High Yields and Low Taxes, But Don't Overlook Risks, Warn Elliott H. Gue and Roger S. Conrad in Energy & Income Advisor

Investors Who Gravitate toward Highest-Yielding MLPs Must Understand Risks. WASHINGTON, May 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Master limited partnerships (MLP) have been one of the top-performing security classes in the stock market over the past three years and in 2013. But retail investors who foc…