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Galleries HQ Company Profile

Seattle-based entrepreneur Wayne Bishop created Galleries HQ because the application of innovative technology is lacking in the arts. He and wife Karen Bishop founded Galleries HQ in 2010 to promote fine art worldwide through mobile technology. Being avid art enthusiasts and technologists, the Bishops began thinking how they could use these technologies to promote the arts. To date, this husband-and-wife team has self-funded these efforts. Now they need help from others to continue to bring their service to a larger audience of artists and art lovers.

News from Galleries HQ:

Galleries HQ Launches New Kickstarter Campaign to Promote Visual Artists on iPhone

SEATTLE, Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Galleries HQ, which helps visual artists and galleries showcase their creations to the world, today launched a new Kickstarter campaign to extend its platform to iPhone. Currently for iPad, Galleries HQ is an emerging mobile platform optimized…