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Gastric Cancer Foundation Company Profile

Since 2009, the Gastric Cancer Foundation (GCF) has led a call-to-action to build awareness of stomach cancer and to expand resources and understanding of the disease. In 2011, GCF launched the first national Gastric Cancer Registry, a data bank of information and tissue samples that fuels research to find new strategies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. GCF is also primary contributor to a project that is creating a digital version of the gastric cancer genome based on DNA sequencing. GCF is devoted to funding stomach cancer research in pursuit of a cure.

News from Gastric Cancer Foundation:

Gastric Cancer Foundation Announces Major Milestones: Research Partnership with American Gastroenterological Association to Fund Scholars and the Addition of Three New Board Members

Foundation Continues to Grow Support and Funding to Fight Stomach Cancer – One of the Deadliest Types of Cancers SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Gastric Cancer Foundation (GCF) [Facebook], a national organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with stomach can…