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Born and raised in Missouri, just a bit south of St. Louis in a town named Festus. Greg entered into music and singing at the age of 14, in and out of a few local bands until forming a commercial metal band with some success. Yet while at a growing height, experienced personal hardships and sickness in his immediate family that pulled him away at that time. Now, after years of unsatisfied dreams and desires he returns with a solo project that reaches many age brackets and genres with songs from the personal depths of his life. Hoping to bring something to the table for all to enjoy. A single dad of a 3 year old son, he finds life in the small things and hopes to share those with all who get and like his musical forte’.

News from Greg Smith:

Rock Recording Artist Greg Smith Releases Highly Anticipated Album 'Nevermind'

ST. LOUIS, April 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — "I've had to learn sometimes a bridge you gotta burn" excerpts from the lyrics of (Accolade) by Greg Smith on his newly released album "Nevermind." Greg brings you into the personal depths of his life with song. His music (pulle…