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Infinite Fitness Sports Performance Institute Company Profile

Infinite Fitness, is a sports specific facility designed for athletes. Here we take our knowledge and experience from working with numerous high school, collegiate, and professional athletes and use it to help our area athletes succeed at the next level. Our programs will teach all athletes how to get the most out of themselves increasing their functional strength, speed, endurance, and range of motion, all while decreasing their risk of injury. Athletes and coaches will see how proper training can translate into better performance both on and off the field. All athletes that enter our facility will perform their training with a coach at all times. However, before a plan is designed all athletes are put through a rigorous assessment to check for any issues with their range of motion or muscular imbalances that may be limiting their performance and could lead to injury. After the assessment an individualized plan is developed for each athlete and will consist of the following. Soft tissue work and corrective exercises to fix mobility issues, dynamic warm up, plyometrics, agility, strengthening, regeneration, and conditioning. In addition all athletes will have unlimited nutritional consultations to make sure they are not only properly fueling their body for their workouts but also for their season.

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