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IPCopper Company Profile

IPCopper, Inc. specializes in high-speed and high-capacity network packet capture appliances for cybersecurity, cybersurveillance and network monitoring applications and encrypted data storage. A technology leader in dedicated, high-performance gigabit and 10-gigabit full packet capture and information security solutions, IPCopper's line of forensic packet capture and continuous packet capture appliances help organizations better monitor their data networks and assess their cybersecurity needs, as well as assist in quick and effective incident response, breach damage and liability assessment and network troubleshooting. The company also provides services to authenticate, decode and analyze packet capture data and can provide custom appliance- and server-based solutions to meet specific network forensics needs, manage network analysis and data mining. Founded in 2009 and located in Portland, Oregon, IPCopper, Inc. designs and manufactures its products in the USA.

News from IPCopper:

IPCopper USC10G3 Gives Your Network the Power to Remember and You the Freedom to Forget

PORTLAND, Ore., June 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – IPCopper, Inc. announces the release of the USC10G3, its versatile 3-in-1 10-Gigabit Ethernet network tap with built-in 24TB storage, bypass switch and GPS.
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Network problem…

IPCopper Announces Release of USC6042, the First Packet Capture Appliance with True Bypass and GPS Time Synch

PORTLAND, Ore., March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – IPCopper, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the USC6042, the first full packet capture appliance with true bypass and GPS time synchronization with high capacity continuous loop storage in a compact robust package. Building o…

Protecting Yourself from Cyberspies: Tips from IPCopper

PORTLAND, Ore., June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Cyberspies steal information by exploiting the same backdoors, software bugs and vulnerabilities as hackers. Cyberspying and hacking are one and the same, using internet connections to get at private and sensitive computer data, cybersecurity me…

Up for Grabs: America’s Cybersecurity

Cyber surveillance is crucial for quick incident response times after security breaches
PORTLAND, Ore., May 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Chinese hackers steal US trade secrets; organized cybercriminals empty bank accounts; government agencies, medical institutions and businesses are routi…

Don't Bring Cybercrime Home for the Holidays

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Cybercrime is on the rise, the holidays being no exception. In fact, this holiday season may prove to be the biggest ever for cybertheft. Hackers observe no holidays, instead using them as yet another theme to entice and trick computer users into letti…

IPCopper Releases High-Performance 10-Gigabit Packet Capture Appliance for Fast, Stealthy Cyber Security and Network Surveillance

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – IPCopper, Inc., a leader in high-performance packet capture technology, announces the release of the IPCopper USC10G08, its fastest packet capture appliance for cybersecurity and cybersurveillance applications.
Experts agree – it is criti…