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Raised in a Baptist family of musicians, he grew up singing gospel and playing piano in his grandma's house. "On my dad's side are the Baptists, so singing and playing piano at home was huge - there was always a piano being played," he says. After trying out a number of instruments, Jones settled on the versatility of a guitar. Problem was, he only knew three chords and only had Clapton's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" in his repertoire. "I would play that song ad nauseum," he admits. "And my roommate at the time told me to learn something else or move out. So with those three chords I started to write my own songs, and the rest is history." In addition to playing over 190 shows and festivals a year in Tahoe and surrounding areas, Jones also headlines "Big Water Wednesdays" at the Big Water Grille. What started out as a mid-week, musical happy hour has now transformed into a place where he is able to introduce his own fans to other talented musicians. "My mission is to bring together all my friends that are musicians, that I'm fans of, in this sort of cooperative that we can help each other in," Jones says. The positive response he's received from these nights has inspired Jones to hit the road and connect with others who are looking to hear music in the singer/songwriter vein.

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New Album "The Rooster Crows – The Bank Sessions" from Jeff Jones Blends American and Italian Musical Styles to Create International Fusion of Blues and Americana Soul

LAKE TAHOE, Calif., Aug. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Today, singer/songwriter Jeff Jones announced the upcoming availability of his third full-length album, "The Rooster Crows – The Bank Sessions." The album features Jeff Jones on vocals, acoustic and slide guitar, Eric Matlock o…