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LaShawne Holland Company Profile

LaShawne Holland is on a mission to help women forever improve their money mindsets so they can stop losing sleep over their debt and activate lasting wealth. As one of the nation’s leading experts in the area of teaching people how to go beyond the budget to realize big dreams, and activate their wealth pattern, Holland has taught personal finance and wealth empowerment to thousands of women and families at conferences, workshops, symposiums, and one on one advisory sessions since 1995. What she teaches extends beyond her accounting industry experience serving as chief financial offers to one of the nation’s largest non-profit organizations and mega churches. She is known for teaching people how to double or triple their income in a year. She often says, “Being broke is temporary, but being poor is eternal. Change your mind, and you WILL ultimately change your money NOW.” Holland welcomes invitations to share her financial empowerment tips, inspiring keynotes, practical and tactical wealth activating workshops and programs with radio and TV audiences and conference audiences.

News from LaShawne Holland:

America's Wealth Activator LaShawne Holland Shares Fall Harvest Money Mindset Shifts for Business Women Struggling with More Month Than Money

BRANDYWINE, Md., Sept. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Hard-working professional women who are sick and tired of having more month than money can take steps to change their financial blueprint, starting today. "Everyone was born with the ability to use gifts within their own hands and heart, and…