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LYSSEN (pronounced listen) is more than just your typical female rap vixen in today’s world of entertainment. In fact, she is more recognized as a poet because of her deep lyrical content. Her captivating performance and innovative combination of music and poetry identifies her as a great lyricist of the Millennial Generation. Lyssen’s hometown of Chicago and experiences while living in San Diego, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and New York City, has inspired her multicultural mindset. She has presented her fast-paced lyrical flow and insightful poetry at various venues throughout the United States, including the famous New York Apollo Theater. In 2010, Lyssen internationally released a unique blend of poetry and music in her debut album “The Un-Spoken Word”. In addition to rhyming, Lyssen is an avid motivational speaker, promoting personal growth and self-awareness to all ages. Currently, she is promoting the release of her second album, “The Un-Spoken Word: Re-Spoken” and the fashion line which is influenced by her candid lyrics. She dreams to start a worldwide movement that entertains mainstream listeners through poetic music.

News from Lyssen:

Chicago Artist Lyssen Sparks Change with New iTunes Single, "Battle of Lost Souls Part II"

CHICAGO, Sept. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Poet/rapper Lyssen is quickly gaining attention and generating conversations due to her newly released iTunes single. As critics expose many hip-hop artists for ignoring the downfall of inner city communities, the question still remains, what do we do n…