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MagicalButter was designed and created for the use of legal grocery store herbs only! The idea for MagicalButter was born over a few beers while watching football with friends. One of my friends has Crohn’s disease, and he has told me how traditional medicines have not been working for him. He had read online that herbs might help certain patients with Crohn’s disease. He tried inhaling and even vaporizing herbs, but felt that smoking was unhealthy. He tried cooking his herbs but failed. My brain pondered how I could help him. My first attempt involved redesigning a double boiler specifically for butters and oils. It was a cool new design, but far too much work to be a viable solution. I then modified a Crock Pot to have a stirring spoon rotating from the lid. It was a good solution, but still too cumbersome. One cold Florida night, while staring aimlessly into the fire, I designed the MagicalButter machine. My design was a device to automate the cooking process, and voilà, MagicalButter was born. In 2010, MagicalButter began testing the development of a device to make medicinal butters and oils. After two years of continuous research and development, the MagicalButter machine was finalized. A patent was filed for a revolutionary new appliance. MagicalButter grinds, heats, and stirs ingredients while running a microprocessor-controlled program sequence engineered by a chemist. The grinding intervals, temperatures, and cooking times have all been optimized for extraction of herbal benefits. From the initial inception, there has been overwhelming support for the continued development of this magical device, from educated individuals who understand the benefits of herbs and plants to some very prestigious universities across the United States. What we have discovered is that the medicinal benefits of herbs are so powerful that many people have been able to discontinue using traditional pharmaceutical pills. Western diets have eliminated herbs. We make it easy for you to eat-to-treat. This device makes cooking with herbs effortless. MagicalButter wants you to eat more garlic, basil, cilantro, ginger, and all the rest of the medicinally beneficial herbs on the planet. This device has come full circle from the brainchild it once was—it is now a state-of-the-art, solid, surgical, stainless steel appliance. Countless hours have been logged determining ideal cooking times, grinding intervals, cooking temperatures, and stirring frequencies. We have exceeded our own expectations, and now our goal is to exceed YOURS!

News from MagicalButter.com:

The Expansion of Medical Marijuana Programs and Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Opens Up New Doors

Recreational Marijuana Legalization Boon to Cannabis-Related Companies SEATTLE, Jan. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — MagicalButter.com, a public benefit corporation and manufacturer of its eponymous machine, has greatly benefited from the implementation of new marijuana legalization. Sinc…

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