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Dr. Thompson Reece helps college students who are struggling to figure out how to study anatomy and physiology, who are overwhelmed by the amount of information they must absorb in a very short period of time, who value their Grade Point Average and are afraid that this course will ruin it and their opportunity to get into a high level professional training program in the healthcare field. Follow her blog and articles to discover effective, efficient strategies for understanding the chemistry that drives physiology and for remembering the confusing names of anatomy. Discover her simple, time tested study plans. To help students get started in learning how to study of Anatomy & Physiology Dr. Thompson Reece has put together a free report outlining 7 easy and effective strategies. That report, Chart Your Course to an A in Anatomy & Physiology, can be obtained by clicking here. In it you will also find the story behind Dr. Reece’s own struggle to get into the profession she desired, and how she dealt as a student with the same problems that students are experiencing today. Dr. Thompson Reece published an e-book Physiology: Custom-designed Chemistry in December, 2012. The paperback version was published April, 2013. This book is the first of a series titled “What is Physiology?“ This series of small books, about 100-150 pages each, is designed to show students at all levels how to study physiology effectively. No background in chemistry is needed to understand the principles presented. Yet, readers will learn how nerves work and how closely humans depend upon the current properties of the environment in which we live. Dr. Thompson Reece’s teaching experience in the classroom and in the research laboratory includes college students from freshman level to PhD candidates. She has been an instructor for physiology, anatomy, human genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology. She has taught this science to students with diverse ethic and national backgrounds. Many of her students had no previous science classes, and yet they scored high on their exams and qualified for professional training programs in their chosen medical specialty. Dr. Thompson Reece has a B.A.in Biology and PhD in Physiology. She is an alumnus of the California State University, Stanislaus and the University of California, Davis. She was a National Institutes of Health Pre-Doctoral Fellow at the University of California. She began her scientific career in basic research as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the San Diego Zoo studying reproduction of monkeys. Her research and teaching career continued sequentially at the University of California, San Francisco, the State University of New York Syracuse, Springfield College and Baystate Medical Center at Springfield Massachusetts, and Onondaga Community College at Syracuse, NY. From 2005 – 2012 she was Chief Scientific Officer at Serometrix LLC, a New York biotechnology company bringing innovative new methods to medical drug design. Currently she also manages her own business, Reece Biomedical Consulting LLC located in Manlius, NY. Her professional memberships include the National Science Teachers Association, The Endocrine Society, the American Association for Cancer Research, the Society for Study of Reproduction and the American Association for the Advancement of Science

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Pre-Medical Students Gain Fresh Approach to Anatomy, Physiology Through New Website MedicalScienceNavigator.com

Site Founder Margaret Thompson Reece, PhD hopes to alleviate student anxiety over the volume of facts they must learn MANLIUS, N.Y., Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —  Knowledge in science is expanding at an exponential rate, causing pre-med students to fear that they will not be able to learn it all…

Simplify the Study of Physiology with New, Easy-to-Read Textbook That Teaches Fundamental Chemistry Principles

Understanding Physiology's unusual chemistry before class begins puts students at a tremendous advantage MANLIUS, N.Y., Aug. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Reece Biomedical Consulting LLC announces publication of its first paperback physiology textbook, "Physiology: Custom-Des…