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The team at Marriage Material is tired of not finding prospective mates who rate as possible "marriage material"- even if we actually don’t want to put a ring on it, we want the option of a long-term relationship. We all know the best way to find romance is to meet people through other people—people who are part of your crowd, your tribe, your family. Maybe it’s your best friend who has your best interests at heart or it’s the best friend of someone from another crowd who knows that even though they’ve only seen your profile on Marriage Material, they know you’re the perfect match for their friend. We crowd source all the time, often not realizing we’re doing it. Every time we check out the restaurant ratings on Yelp or ask our Facebook friends for a hotel reco in another city, we’re asking the crowd what they think. But somehow we drop this smart, efficient, highly informed mode of search when we date. We’ve brought the crowd into the Marriage Material experience in the form of onsite Matchmakers. And while all Matchmakers are inspired by their desire to bring people together in love, we also know that a little financial incentive never hurt anyone. When you set up your dating profile, you assign dollar values to dating milestones (first date, multiple dates, engagement), and the Matchmaker who helped you get to that milestone will be compensated with that financial reward. The principal is simple: take decisive action. Identify a clear set of requirements; make the process fun, incentivize people to help, and the marketplace of like-minded people will do the rest! The primary intent of this site is to make it clear from the very beginning that your looking for a serious relationship. Then, it's up to you. We also believe in the wisdom of the crowd when it comes to optimizing our new venture. Marriage Material is still in Beta and any feedback you have for us as you test drive our service, is greatly appreciated.

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