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Mimoto Tech Company Profile

The name MIMOTO was inspired by Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese samurai born in Japan on 1584. Miyamoto wasn't just a samurai, he was a painter, an author and a philosopher. His philosophy on life and art is what inspired founder Roman Gudzyuk, to name the company MIMOTO. According to Miyamoto, in order to be a true warrior and strategist you have to master multiple art forms besides sword fighting. If you can master multiple art forms throughout your life, you can appreciate life just that much more.

News from Mimoto Tech:

Leaks Hint at a New Smart Pen Called the Mimoto Pen Being Launched by a Philadelphia Tech Startup

Mimoto Tech's engineers used the latest video game technology to develop a fun way for students and working professionals to take notes and transform your computer or laptop to have touch screen capability. PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — A team of engineers and designers from M…