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From a humble beginning in Jim Mosier’s spare bedroom in 2005, MosierData has risen to become Central Florida’s fastest growing web company. The secret to our success is our focus on the entire experience of owning a website and making it profitable. There are three general business models that most web companies follow. Unlike our competition other companies who only focus on one, we put a team together that mastered all three. It’s almost like having three web companies in one. Generally when companies hire someone to do their business website, the firm they choose will fit into one of the three categories: A graphic design or media company who’s entire focus is on presentation. They generally make things very pretty and flashy, may incorporate video & photography and use terms like “branding” and “image.” The tradeoff is that many times, the site is designed to win awards for the designer, not to sell your products or services. A web development/programming company who’s more concerned with functionality than appearance. More often than not, they get excited over “features” and “integrations” while letting the aesthetics (look and feel) become secondary. (In our early years, this was us - but we grew out of it.) A marketing or advertising agency that sees your website as nothing more than another advertising platform. They generally focus on using traditional media, search and social networks to get traffic to your site. Once there, the visitors are often confused or don’t see what they are looking for and leave. Our team approach brings you the benefits of all three business models. With every bad comes some good, and with every web business model there are at least as many advantages. By putting together a group of the most creative designers, pairing them up with brilliant programmers and making all of them work closely with successful marketers, we deliver sites that look better, work better and produce more sales or leads than our competition.

News from MosierData:

MosierData, Web Design and Internet Marketing Company, Attains Globally Recognized Google Partner Status

To celebrate their new designation, Lakeland, Florida-based MosierData is offering $300 in free advertising for clients new to Google Advertising through the end of November; they look forward to leveraging this new partnership to their client's advantage LAKELAND, Fla., Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNew…

Web Design Firm MosierData Introduces Flexible Financing for Small Businesses Nationwide Looking to Maximize Their Online Presence with Professional, High-End Websites and Online Marketing

LAKELAND, Fla., July 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Small businesses all over the country that would like a new, professionally designed website, but want to avoid a large, up-front investment now have another option. MosierData, one of Florida's fastest-growing web design companies, annou…