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NexCup Coffee Warehouse is a wholesale site offering a variety of the highest-quality single-serve beverages available. Through a unique "cost-plus" membership model, customers can purchase Keurig® K-Cup® machine-compatible coffee, tea, and hot chocolate starting at just 29¢ per cup. NexCup boasts a wide selection of brands and products at a fraction of the cost of other retailers.

News from NexCup Coffee Warehouse:

NexCup.com Launches, Offering Single-Serve Coffee Lovers an Affordable, Varied Marketplace for a Low Annual Fee

Wholesale Warehouse Devoted to Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate; Single Cups Sold at a Fraction of Retail Cost KANSAS CITY, Mo., May 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — NexCup.com, a membership warehouse for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, announced the launch of their new site on Friday. For a low annual fee, m…