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NUMBERCOP Company Profile

NUMBERCOP is a privately held California Limited Company, based in San Francisco Bay Area. NUMBERCOP’s phone spam protection solutions detect spam calls from currently more than 50.000 actively spamming phone numbers, including telemarketers, robo-calls and phone scam artists. Most call blocking services offered by carriers are limited to a specific set of numbers, which need to be known and entered by each user. NUMBERCOP’s people-powered phone spam protection combines all of its users' spam reports into one powerful and actively managed spam-blocking database delivering a superior level of protection and a significant privacy improvement.

News from Jan Volzke:

NUMBERCOP Founder Wins FTC Robocall Hackathon at DEF CON with Android based Dialer-Bot

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Jan Volzke, founder and CEO of NUMBERCOP (http://www.numbercop.com/), has been selected as a winner of the FTC's Robocall Hackathon at this year's DEF CON hackers' convention. Known as "Zapping Rachel," the FTC contes…

Mobile Phones Becoming More Susceptible to Spam Calls, Says Mobile Security Expert NUMBERCOP

Company launches new phone spam protection service for Apple's iOS7 devices available on the Apple App Store SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — NUMBERCOP (http://www.numbercop.com), a mobile security company dedicated to combating phone spam, today announced research fi…