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The Open Hazards Group is a team of academic scientists and engineers dedicated to reducing the impact of natural disasters by providing risk assessment as well as other web-based tools to serve homeowners. Other products offered by the Open Hazards Group include a detailed seismic safety report, which forecasts damages from potential earthquake activity. Open Hazards Group is developing a product to serve the commercial property management industry. More information about The Open Hazards Group is available at www.openhazards.com.

News from Open Hazards Group:

Open Hazards Innovates Delivery Of Natural Hazards Disclosure Report To The California Real Estate Industry: $50 And 15 Minutes.

DAVIS, Calif., March 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — "$50 and 15 minutes." says James Holliday, chief technologist at Open Hazards Disclosures (www.openhazardsdisclosures.com).  "That was our goal.  To provide California real estate professionals with a Natural Hazards Dis…